Courtship and Dating Stories Before and After the Cult || IBLP and ATI Cult Survivors

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Dee and Marcy share their dating and courtship stories. The cult teaches that courtship is the only way to have a healthy marriage. If you want to see an in-depth video on the teachings, go check out this video
Umbrella Rebellion is a podcast where we share our experience in the ATI/IBLP and fundamental cults. We are on a journey of healing and exposing the teachings that lead to and justify abuse. It is our hope that those that are experiencing abuse can find support and escape from it.

IBLP- Institute in Basic Life Principles (founded by Bill Gothard)ATI- Advanced Training Institute (homeschool curriculum of IBLP)

0:00 Intro and Welcome
1:50 Additional Gothard courtship teachings
6:99 Dee- Dating before the cult
16:56 Dee- Courtship story
12:06 Dee- Dating after divorce and abusive relationship
29:33 Dee - Dating after the cult- dating apps
37:29 Marcy - Courtship in the cult
42:55 Marcy - Dating after the cult
56:35 Marcy - Dating after divorce and abusive relationship
59:41 Tips for dating apps
1:00:31 Marcy- Bad date stories
1:04:07 Interrupted by spirits and dating safety
1:07:33 Dee- Bad date stories
1:12:11 Dating checklists and lessons learned

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